Myth MANDAU FLY, an astonishing fact

Panglima Sumpit At the time of inter-ethnic riots Occurrence in Sambas and Sampit, many    developing story about the phenomenon Mandau Fly: (Mandau who could fly would auto target, can choose and decapitate the enemy). It is quite thrilling and make anyone shudder learn.

All returned to the hearing, believe it or not. However, many testimonies that confirmed the truth of these phenomena.

Whatever the story must be underlined that Mandau is a traditional weapon Dayak tribes. Mandau has become a symbol of strength, a symbol of justice, a symbol of unity and a symbol of the life of the Dayak tribe.

For the Dayak, bringing Mandau everywhere are common, no need to worry. To revoke Mandau should not be arbitrary, there are rules. Mandau not be used to threaten other people, either one could get the customary fine. New Mandau  from its sheath will be withdrawn only if the conditions very driven to defend themselves, and said to each Mandau  out of the holster must have victims.

Mandau  flying could allegedly committed by tribe elders who have a higher supernatural power, through a certain ritual eating Mandau  will be flying off to find the target, almost certainly Mandau  will not misplaced. Mandau flies and ritual will be performed only in emergency conditions for very  keep alive  life.

There was testimony that can not be accepted by common sense, the incident in Sampit few years ago where there is ethnic Chinese family, with an attendant from a particular ethnic. The house is in a closed condition, they are all in the house, but suddenly the maid’s neck was cut with blood. Because of the fear and trauma, so he thought long without one ethnic Chinese family that was also left home with only take items can be brought back to the makeshift city of Malang.

Yes Mandau Fly stories between myth and reality … .. (by frans aso)

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